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Taxier is a European word for taxis (plural of taxi) and denotes taxi operator in English. 

Revenue in the ride-hailing/taxi segment has surpassed US$162.9bn in 2020. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2025) of 18.8%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$385.95bn by 2025. Someone of the biggest players in the industry includes: Uber.comLyft.com, Taxify, and many more. This premium domain name, Taxier.com, will give you a seat on the table.

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Important Facts about Taxier.com

• This domain name has been registered since 2008, making it one of the oldest taxi domain name available.

• 99.9% of real taxi domain names in .com are off the market. This means Texier.com is in high demand, and indeed, a scarse commodity.

• Taxier appears in 74 different domain names.

• Taxi receives over 24 million exact search, and 200 million broad search per month.

• A search of Taxi returns over 204,000,000 results on Google.

• Premium taxi domain names that has been sold in the past:

* Uber.com ($2,000,000.00)

* Youxi.com (2,430,000.00)

* JoyRide.com ($300,000.00)

Ultra-premium domain names like Taxier.com can help your company achieve instant brand recognition, ignite your business, and massively accelerate value creation.

Distinctive Characteristics of Taxier.com

1. Meaningful: Dictionary Definition of Taxier - a motor car for public hire.

-- verb (i) 2. to ride or travel in a taxi.

2. Short: Taxier is only 6 letters and is one of the shortest real taxi domain name you can find anywhere. 

3. SEO: Taxier.com will tip the scales to your favor and land you on the #1 page on Google. The presence of the 'taxi' root keyword on this domain will ensure you rank higher on Google SERP for the taxi related keywords, receiving the lion share of the 200 million monthly free search traffic. 

4. Memorable: Taxier is sexier than taxi. 2 syllables, smooth transition, no ambiguity, extremely memorable, and easy to say. 

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